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  • Man.... these times are hard...
    Feeling heavy?  Down?  Sad? Alone? You are not the only one.  The past year has been trying to say the least.   The virus, the violence, the hatred, the division, the fear. What Read more
  • Avoiding Holiday Relapse
    The holidays are right around the corner.  For those in recovery, this can be a hard time of year for many reasons.  Here are 10 tips to help avoid holiday Read more
  • So How You Doin??
    Our mental health, according to the World Health Organization, is defined as astate of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential,can cope with the normal stresses Read more
  • Be Bold, Be Authentic, Be You
    Hello beautiful humans!!   I hope you all are faring well in these challenging times. The last few months have been hard in so many ways. Health challenges, human kindness challenges. I want to Read more
  • Boredom, Isolation, and Relapse
    The last few weeks have been hard. And it has not been hard for a few of us,  It has been hard on all of us. We are made and accustomed Read more
  • March Madness...
    Man.... has this term taken a whole new meaning.  These times are unprecedented.  The next few days and weeks will be providing some extra stress on all of us.  Kids Read more
  • Today.....
    Important things to remember. You are loved. You are valued. You matter. There is always hope. Set your goals. Dream big. Turn the page. Start a new chapter. YOU can do it. YOU are worth it. Read more
  • Med Management
    You know, one of the last things I think any of us want is to stay on meds long term, or for the rest of our lives.  However, one of Read more
  • Goal Setting
    Happy New Year!  The holidays are over and the new year has begun.  How many of you made New Years Resolutions? I gave up on these long ago.  I have Read more
  • Change is Hard!
    Good afternoon.  I hope this blog entry finds all of you well. Today I am going to chat for a minute about ch ch ch change.  This word is an important Read more
  • Depression
    Depression.  It's not about being weak.  It's not about not having enough faith.  It's real. It can flare up in stressful situations.  Or it can flare up at any time, with Read more
  • Recovery is possible....
    What is "Recovery"?Recovery is about taking care of yourself and managing your overall health. Recovery is being brutally honest.Recovery is working on being the best version of you that you Read more
  • Back to School, Back to the Routines
    Well, it is that time of year. The summer heat is still with is, but nonetheless, the kids are back to school.  This time of year can bring relief for Read more
  • Therapy Groups
    I am starting two new groups in my practice in the next few weeks.  The first is a grief and loss group.  It starts next Saturday at 10:00am.  The second, Read more
  • Marriage, It Ain't for the Faint at Heart!
    Marriage.  It takes work.  But then again, anything worthwhile takes work.  Sometimes we get in the trenches of life, the day in and day out, running in and out the Read more
  • Welcome, welcome , welcome
    Monday's are tough aren't they?  The weekend comes, and it goes soooo quickly.  We have grand plans.  But do we follow through with the plans?  Do we go the places Read more

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